Our Athletes

These young athletes have committed and dedicated their time, energy and focus to become a better all-around athlete and person through B.M. Peterson Sports Performance. Check out these young athletes and their drive to be the best.

High School

Bo Sowers

Football/ WR, QB

Dylan Walker

Football/ C

Justin Armwood

Football / QB

Max Farthing

Basketball & Football / WR. DE. PF

Mike Dinatale

Fuquay High/ OL

Noah Davenport

Football/ DT

Parker Morrison

Football / QB

Promise Harris

Football/ DL

Ryheem Skinner

Football / RB

Tray Staten

Football / RB

Middle School

Andrew Peloso


Caleb Townsend

Football/ QB, S

Cody Wilbourne

Football/ O-line

Daniel Weaver

Football/ OL, LB

Dowtwain Cornish

Football/ DT, OL

Elijah Veale

Football/ WR

Elijah Whitaker

Football/ RB

Kyle Morgan

Football/ TE, DE

Luke Trevison

Football/ CB

Noah Anderson

Football/ QB

Elementary School